Educating for Freedom in Christ
St. Thomas More Academy is an independent Catholic classical school located in South Bend, Indiana. We currently serve 200 students in grades K-12.
Our Mission
St. Thomas More Academy’s mission is to serve Michiana families by forming children in truth, wisdom, and authentic freedom. To this end, STMA provides a rigorous classical liberal arts curriculum that is rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and centered on the daily offering of the Mass. From this core, the Academy transmits Christian culture to and through its students, teachers, school leaders, and parents, fostering an apostolic community of friendship in Christ.
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We cultivate a familial environment in which children know they are loved unconditionally and find their teachers and school leaders to be models of holiness. We respect parents’ role as the primary educators of their child.  


Growing in wisdom and freedom with friends, for the sake of God’s glory, brings joy that will sustain our students throughout their lives.

Academic excellence

“The truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32). Faith and reason are interdependent, and so we strive for academic excellence, which is measured by the understanding and mastery of our classical curriculum.


A free and human life involves a daily search for wisdom and truth, and so we cultivate a lifelong love of learning in our students.